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What's new:

December 2017

Just in, the full line of Pébéo soaps for hands and paint brushes, as well as hand creams.


















Restorative hand creme, made with essential oils in 75ml tube           #801200

Hard soap cube made of olive oil in 200g pot                                           #801210

Unscented liquid hand soap made from olive oil in 500ml bottle        #801220

Lavender scented liquid hand soap in 500ml bottle                                #801230

Black exfoliating hand soap in 200g pot                                                     #801240

Black soft soap for brushes in 200g pot                                                       #801250

Black liquid soap for brushes in 500 ml bottle                                           #801260




November 2017

Daniel Smith offers eight watercolor colors for 2017,  Which are new or have been reformulated

  • Rose Madder Permanent, is a modern, light fast formulation of the traditional color giving artists a rose watercolor with similar properties. This warm, rose pink has an ever-so-slight hint of brown making it slightly less vivid than the pink Quinacridones, and a more natural blush, perfect for portraits.
  • Quinacridone Lilac, lies between Quinacridone Rose and Quinacridone Magenta within the DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone color family. This new, vivid pink with the slightest blue tone, is a must have for florals, and like all our Quinacridone colors, Quin Lilac excels in vivid clarity and intensity.
  • Wisteria,  like the blooms of its namesake flowering vine, is a delicate lavender with a pink bias. Similar in color to Ultramarine Red but with different properties, this non-granulating and non-staining color paints smoothly and lifts easily. Wonderful for painting orchids and other florals.
  • Lavender, is a beautiful periwinkle blue, and quite different from our other blues. This semi-transparent lavender blue has beautiful granulation, and lifts easily. In addition to being an excellent floral color, our Lavender suggests certain shades of faded denim.
  • Aussie Red Gold, is the rich, golden color of ocher cliffs set aflame at sunset. This brilliant, reddish gold will add glowing light to Autumn leaves, late summer flowers and landscapes. Aussie Red Gold is transparent, non-granulating, low staining and performs wonderfully, you will love it on your palette!
  • Raw Sienna Light, has more golden yellow tones than our Raw Sienna. This Sienna is a non-granulating color, so it is smoother in washes and is non-staining rather than low staining like our Raw Sienna. Washes suggest sunny wheat fields, dried savanna grasses and other sun-baked landscapes.
  • Burnt Sienna Light,  is a beautiful earthy color and is redder than our Burnt Sienna, more transparent and slightly less granulating. In very light washes, it makes a good, light flesh tone for portraits, and in darker washes, it is a rich red-brown.
  • Payne's Blue Gray,  is similar to our bluer Indigo, but like our original Payne’s Gray, it is semi-transparent rather than transparent. Inky blue and non-granulating Payne’s Blue Gray is perfect for painting dark, stormy skies, nightscapes, and for quickly darkening most other colors.